Friday, December 17, 2004

Kegger On Saturday

For all in Vancouver there is a party on saturday to mark Albors and Kangers birthday's, as well as the return of Morris. Should start about 9pm and there will be a Keg, but bring your own booze in case it runs out... who am i kidding, it will run out so if you want more byob. Comment or email me if you want the info.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Life and Time's...

So my friends are butt-nuts. The bastards took off for Whistler today and didn't even decide to call me. Sure I worked for 9 hours, sure I couldnt have gone if I wanted to, sure i might have told them that i couldnt go already and sure my phone was off for part of the day. None of this matters though, they should have fucking tried harder, or not gone. What really pisses me off is the phone call i get at 10pm telling me how drunk they are and how much fun they are having. I am the life of the party! What the hell were they thinking when they left without me? I know, I know... they are just totally selfish.


Well over the past couple days i have watched some really incredible movies, some in my spare time and one with Darcy. I'll start with 'Hero.'

"Hero" is one of the most visually stunning epics that i have seen in a long time. Yes, i am calling it an epic for the sheer size of some of the scenes and for the magnitude of the fight sequence's (Also because i just can... get over it). The commericials for this movie might lead you to believe that it is simply a fight film, simply another Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. However, what makes this movie so incredible are the colours and environments of the film. I cannot believe that Mirimax wanted to bury this film and just let it die. I owe Quentin Tarantino this much more for bringing this masterpiece out of the ashes.

The second great movie i watched was Collateral. It is one of the first movies that was so thrilling that it litterally had me on the edge of my seat in some parts. From start to finish i wanted to watch this movie and find out what was going to happen next. I almost pissed my pants because i wanted to keep watching and thought that pausing the movie would be a bad idea. Jaimie Foxx really deserves to win some type of award for this movie too, he is brilliant.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Maddox: How To Kill Yourself Like A Man

Maddox writes one of the few blogs I try to read on a regular basis. Most of the writing is done with tounge planted firmly in cheek, so don't take it to seriously. Here is his latest (yes its old, but it is still his latest).....

Oh and i'll try to write a real entry later tonight.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sobriety is Sobering.

Every once and while, well.... every once and a long while, i like to just take a night off and play the designated nerd and not drink. Last night was one of those nights. I know some of my friends are retarded (whether or not they are legally retarded is up for debate), but when they drink the bar is raised so high i begin to think that they would lose to Belarus in the Special Olympics. Anyways, last night we went to the Bourbon as per usual. At about 10:30 i arrived to my buddy Lois almost passed out on a table and my other friend PJH declaring, "Im sooooo drunk, i need to get slapped by any chick here." Now normally this isn't a big deal. Lois drinks till he throws up and PJH is normally has to let everyone know how drunk he is. Why he does this I dont really know, I mean if you're so drunk, shut up and keep drinking dammit. Sorry, im getting beside myself here, back to the story.... There were about 6 other people there, all suffering through differing degrees of drunk. None of this is usually a problem, i've grown to love these people as much as i can love anyone (and thats saying a lot). However, when i am sober, i have come to the conclusion that they are the most annoying people in the fucking world. Yes, i am including Carrot Top, Carson Daly and Jessica Simpson in the list as well. After thinking about why they were annoying me so much i came to the conclusion, i am a better... more understanding human being when i am drunk. This must be what crack heads or heroin addicts go through when trying to kick their habits, i was litterally shocked to my senses. I need to drink at a much higher frequency, thank god i fell off the wagon when i did. '

Oh and on a side not, R.I.P Dimebag Darrel. He and the band Pantera almost single handedly made me love metal as a kid. The first real concert i went to was Pantera/Whitezombie in '96. He was a genious, a living legend and he will be forever missed. Rest in piece.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Return of Morris

For everyone reading this from Vancouver, Morris is comming home from loser (i mean music) school on the 17th. There is talk of a joint birthday party/kegger for him, Albors and Kanger at his house on the 18th. Should be a mess, so if I find out more i'll post it later. Oh and he said that if it goes down to spread the word because everyone is invited, so there is an open invitation. Come one Come all!

School Stress

So last night i was up until 4 trying to finish a paper im working on for school. I dont know what it was, but i just could not write a line without it comming out sounding like jibberish. I don't know what the problem was either; whether it was lack of sleep, too much studying over the last little while or i was just plain brain dead. I can usually knock out at least a B paper in a few hours, and thats when doing it the last minute. I think i lost my touch.

Oh yeah, i spent some quality time with the Girlfriend last night... still to this day i dont know why she puts up with my shit. Actually, I dont know why anyone puts up with my shit to be honost. My sense of humour usually involves making fun of someone or something (as my gf put it, im too satyrical). It shocks me sometimes that my friends don't hit me more often. Especially my buddy Lois. I've shaved his eyebrow off so many times that it is never again going to fully grow in; well that and the fact i've called him Lois for almost a year should have ment i got my ass kicked by now. Well im off to do some work now, more email address writing. Wish me luck

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Having a Blast

So i have spent the last 5 hours sitting in front of a computer screen writing down email addresses. I cannot just copy and past them either, i have to look them up then hand write each one. It is absolutely mind numbing and not to mention hard on the eyes. Reading a computer screen isn't anything like reading a peice of paper. A computer screen is just basically a light, so do you think its fun staring at a light all day long (and this is a light without video's or porno). Man i don't want to keep doing this but i need the money really bad. For one thing christmas is coming up and i need to buy presents, but i also owe a good friend $200. I'm thinking i just need to sell my body for money, i might not be worth much but it will get me through the holiday seasons.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Not An Early Bird

With my lifestyle i dont really get a lot of sleep, and by "not a lot," i mean i get none. I'm constantly tierd and falling asleep in the weirdest places. It's not that i get up early, i mean i set up my school schedual in such a way that i don't have to get up before 10am, anyday of the week. The problem is that I just cannot go to sleep before 3am. Its a serious problem for me, and i can't seem to get into a rhythm where i can go to bed before that. So today i had my Philosophy exam at 8 in the morning, this ment i had to get up at about 6:30. It was the single hardest thing i've ever had to do, well except for that one time with this fat girl... but thats a whole different story. Anyways, i'm not saying i never get up early but i haven't gotten up that early in at least 2 years. I go to school during the day, and i work at night. The last time i was up that early it was because i didnt go to sleep at all that night. I feel so sorry for anyone that has to get their ass out of bed every morning at 5 or 6 and actually have to be somewhat coherent. At six in the morning im a mess, i talk in grunts and vowls. The only good thing that came out of this is that it's now over and done with. The rest of my exams are during the afternoon, so i don't have to even think about waking up that early for a long time.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Downloading Movies/Music

I don't know if i'm just really cheap or if i just like to "steal" from the RIAA or the movie industry, but i haven't bought a single cd or dvd in months. The last DVD i bought was Steve-O: The Early Years (which is amazing and i highly recommend it if you want to learn more about the Jackass and Wildboyz star), but that is besides the point. My point here is that i download because what is being released is pure crap. The quality of film making is sup-par and on the whole, the music being released makes me start to think that Celine Dion was in fact a good musician. I long for the days that i would make sure i had tuesday afternoons off so i could pick up the newest releases.

If the music and movie industry wants me as a consumer, they have to provide something i will want to buy. I dont want to buy a cd and then feel like i got ripped off because there is only one good song on there. I dont want to come home listen to a cd once and then toss it into a pile. Where is the playback value? Maybe all the money the music and movie industries are losing will make them put less money into crap and more into quality.... Here's to hoping.

Oh and on a side note for Canadians worried about being sued for downloading movies or music... Don't be. Under current copyright laws we are untouchable. The supreme court of Canada threw out the movie and recording industries case. I have recieved two letters warning me to stop downloading but they cannot legally do anything but write a strong worded letter asking us to stop. Sort of like the UN in a way.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

NHL Hockey and Why It Rules...

For those that don't personally know me, i'll start by sayint that i am a die hard sports fan. I grew up playing everything i had time for, i stayed away from high school sports (because... well i was a drunk) but i played on provincial and AAA teams in 5 different sports growing up. I love all sports, i can sit and watch anything; However, I do have to say that Hockey, and in particular NHL hockey, rules. Other sports just do not compare to it. If you dont agree with me, you dont know shit. I hear people say that there is more hitting in football, that there is more scoring in basketball and more drama in baseball. I dont dispute those facts, but only hockey involves everything great about sports in general. Here is a quick top ten list for why hockey rules....

1. It is the fastest paced sport. PERIOD. Players can only stay on the ice for 1 minute a shift
max because after that much time on the ice they could probably collapse and die from

2. The Playoffs. Best of 7 Series every round makes it the toughest Championship to win.

3. You have to be tough to play it. Even the pussies in hockey are tougher then 100% of
baseball and soccer players. Hockey players play with broken legs. Bonds sat out because he
had a sore thumb.

4. It is actually difficult to score. Yeah sure goals are great but how boring are games that end
up at 104-95. There is no drama.

5. It isn't Soccer or "Look ma' i dun turnded left!" Nascar

6. The Stanley Cup, Best damn trophy out of any professional sport.

7. One word..... Mario (If you dont know who im talking about, go find a Gun and kill yourself....
and yes, he is better then Gretzkey)

8. No Steroids.

9. It's the only sport where players are proud that they dont have teeth.

10. Freedom of speech, You can still say what you want to say and not get fined. Players have
openly threatened other players and even league officials and gotten away with it.

These are just some of the reasons Hockey Rules. I find it amazing that more people dont love it. Oh wait, there are about 6 billion people on this planet that are openly retarded so it really shouldn't surprise me that much. The stupidity of the world in general is part of the reason i have to sit here and type about the sport rather then watch it. I dont want to start on that though, I'll post more about that later.

And so it begins...

Where do i begin? Well i dont... not yet. I've been facinated with the whole idea of blogging for a long time now, and i had a small one i never wrote on before. I guess i just never felt the urge to just jump into it. Now, i figure im going to just jump in head first. I have a lot on my mind and even more that i know i'll need to talk about. Im going to start collecting my thoughts and start posting them later on tonight. I hope that you all enjoy the blog. Oh who i am i kidding? I fucking rule, i know you'll enjoy it. If you dont i guess you just have no taste at all.