Saturday, January 22, 2005


I really need to start doing more school work. I'm totally up to date with all of my readings and what not, but I fear nothing will get done with the NFL playoffs and the fact that I only have 9 more days of the NHL Channel/ESPN classics. It's a curse... I'm a sports nut and there is nothing that I can do or seem to want to do about it. I sometimes catch myself watching professional darts! Is that normal?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Shut Up

This evening I went to pick up a couple of Pizzas for dinner after spending the afternoon at my girlfriends. It was innocent enough, I just went in made an order and sat my ass down and started reading a news paper. After about 5 minutes of peace and quite a couple of twenty-something's walked in and started to discuss the "state of the world." I couldn't help but listen considering how unbelievably loud one of the guys was. I listened for about 2 minutes before I literally wanted to grab the guy and smack some common sense into him. This is when it dawned on me....

99% of the world has no idea what the hell they are talking about, and therefore...

99% of the world needs to shut the fuck up... I repeat, shut... the... fuck... up!

I hear it all the time but usually just block it out. People sitting there talking like they know something, but in reality don't know shit. I'm all for people having opinions, I'm just against uninformed opinions. The majority of people are just not educating themselves in any way, shape or form. How the hell can somebody sit there and act like they really know what's going on when they have zero information on it? I believe that in 100 years no one will know how to read, stupid people are breeding that rapidly. Thats why I'm starting to think that it would be a good idea to make ignorance a capital crime. Kill all the stupid people. Hell, they're idiots! I'm pretty sure that they would be stupid enough to let that bill become a law.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Too Lucky?

Is there such a thing as winning too often?

This is the question that im asking myself right now. My family and friends seem to think that im blessed with so much luck that I cannot lose. Normally this would be great, but the problem here is that it is starting to seriously annoy the people around me. I don't know what it is, but it seems that every other contest I enter I always end up winning. On Sunday I was informed that I won a weekend accomodation's in some fancy hotel up in Whistler, B.C. Some of the other things that I have won in the past include....

  • Two tickets and backstage passes to a Black Eyed Peas concert.

  • The oppertunity to be the ball boy for the Vancouver Grizzlies for two games. Plus two courtside tickets, a tracksuit, a signed ball and a warm up jersey.

  • Lenny Kravitz concert tickets.

  • Best seats in the house at a Pub for a playoff hockey game. This included free beer and food for me and 6 friends (although I only brought 4, all the more for the rest of us!)

  • Stick Autographed by the Vancouver Canucks, plus game tickets.

Now these are just some of the more expensive things I have won in the past. I have won more than my fare share of movie tickets, free meals and scratch 'n' wins. So when I won the trip I thought that this was great, I was so excited about it. However, when I told anyone, the first thing out of their mouths was always something along the lines of.... "oh my god, you won something again, geeze.... you always win, give it to me." I was kind of shocked at first because I've never really thought about the amount of times that I do end up winning. So when I stopped and thought about it all, it does seem like I win more often than not. The thing here is that I almost always enter any contest, no matter what it is. I love the idea of getting something for free. It's just so darn appealing. So when I add it all up, I probably lose an aweful lot more than I win. The trick is, you have to be in it to win it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Love Does Cost A Thing (PART 2)

Now, I know after my previous post I might seem wee bit cynical. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. I WANT believe in that Shakespearian ideal. I WANT to believe that love is like in the movies. I just can't. I see the 20 year olds with the old men, I see the way girls look at a nice sports car. Yes, not every girl is like that, but I ask all females what you would do if your boyfriend, husband, lover, etc. didn't get you anything for Valentines Day?? I hear you all saying that it is the meaning behind the gifts, the meaning behind the day that matters. I hear that; but again I ask you, what if your significant other simply came home and said, "Oh dear, I love you so much, I felt like I didn't need to get you anything," ?


Yeah that's right dammit. You'd be pissed. I'm pretty sure that most boyfriends would have just dug themselves a hole to china right there.
That is because love fucking costs.

Another Birthday...

Well for those of you that know me and live in Vancouver or near by, my friend Racheal is turning 22 on January 29th. She is having a get-together at her house around 6 (which you're not invited to) and then going to the Burboun later that night. Anyone/everyone is welcome to come and party at the Bourboun with us. I know this is far off but I will forget about it if I don't post it now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Love Does Cost A Thing (PART 1)

While about to fall asleep during a Sociology class today, we took as big of a u-turn away from Karl Marx, Emile Durcheim and Auguste Conte as you can go. We started to discuss “love” and the ideologies that surround the word and it’s meaning. It was an abrupt turn and one that grabbed my attention immediately. Most people hold this, almost, ideal view of love. A romanticized view and one that is almost always false. Most people tend to believe, and J-Lo so eloquently stated, that “love don’t cost a thing.” Well the problem here is that, love does cost a thing.

Whether it is emotional or material, all relationships cost people something. It could be money or dignity, but the fact remains that it is impossible to have a relationship that is free of all cost. People today believe in the Shakespearian ideal of the “perfect love”, the “perfect romance.” They don’t want to believe that they are giving up something in return for love. The truth is, most people today do not open themselves up to love unless they in turn receive love. By thinking like this, love itself has been turned into a commodity. As much as you care for someone or “love” someone would you feel that way knowing that they didn’t feel the same way towards you? Would you still have the undying affection for that person if they just liked you a whole lot? As much as I want to believe that this is not true and that love is based on nothing more than a persons feelings and emotions, I can’t. To love, people need something in return. I’m pretty sure that Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be caught dead with homeless Joe or the local fat grease monkey that sells used auto parts. Love does cost…

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Where The Hell Am I?

I'm currently sitting in front of a computer trying to think of where the hell I have been and what the hell I have done lately. It's hard for me to even figure this one out. I know where I have physically been, but i don't know where I have been mentally. I have been so far adrift that im surprised I even realised what i was doing, or better yet, not doing. I go through the motions, but i do so blind to the fact that seconds, minutes, hours and now days are passing by while i sit here idle. School started back up on monday and its time for me to end my mental vacation. It was fun while it lasted and im sure that it's going to happen again, but I need to figure out where the fuck I am right now so i can come home. When i get there I'll come back on and write some more. Till' then.