Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't Be Fooled

To say that my life is different from last year wouldn't be a stretch.

At this time last year I was working on top of a mountain and spending everyday with a little lady, running around town doing nothing and everything. I drove a little black car, had little worries and little responsibilities. We would sit in restaurants drinking bottles of wine and drive around listening to some indie rock band that you've never heard of because they were to cool for you.

This year, I am working on the ground. In a restaurant surrounded by screaming kids and loud music that I try not to listen to in hopes that it doesn't rub off on me and into my life away from work. If I had a life away from work. I have been sick and throwing up for 5 days. I would be driving a little silver car, but it is something we won't talk about right now. The girlfriend is good. It's still weird though.

I leave in a couple months. Two months, almost exactly.

That's right I decided to go through with it. I still don't know about Coachella, but either way I am leaving town. It's time.

Currently Listening To: CSS - I Wanna Be Your JLo


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