Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Love Does Cost A Thing (PART 1)

While about to fall asleep during a Sociology class today, we took as big of a u-turn away from Karl Marx, Emile Durcheim and Auguste Conte as you can go. We started to discuss “love” and the ideologies that surround the word and it’s meaning. It was an abrupt turn and one that grabbed my attention immediately. Most people hold this, almost, ideal view of love. A romanticized view and one that is almost always false. Most people tend to believe, and J-Lo so eloquently stated, that “love don’t cost a thing.” Well the problem here is that, love does cost a thing.

Whether it is emotional or material, all relationships cost people something. It could be money or dignity, but the fact remains that it is impossible to have a relationship that is free of all cost. People today believe in the Shakespearian ideal of the “perfect love”, the “perfect romance.” They don’t want to believe that they are giving up something in return for love. The truth is, most people today do not open themselves up to love unless they in turn receive love. By thinking like this, love itself has been turned into a commodity. As much as you care for someone or “love” someone would you feel that way knowing that they didn’t feel the same way towards you? Would you still have the undying affection for that person if they just liked you a whole lot? As much as I want to believe that this is not true and that love is based on nothing more than a persons feelings and emotions, I can’t. To love, people need something in return. I’m pretty sure that Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be caught dead with homeless Joe or the local fat grease monkey that sells used auto parts. Love does cost…


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