Friday, December 10, 2004

School Stress

So last night i was up until 4 trying to finish a paper im working on for school. I dont know what it was, but i just could not write a line without it comming out sounding like jibberish. I don't know what the problem was either; whether it was lack of sleep, too much studying over the last little while or i was just plain brain dead. I can usually knock out at least a B paper in a few hours, and thats when doing it the last minute. I think i lost my touch.

Oh yeah, i spent some quality time with the Girlfriend last night... still to this day i dont know why she puts up with my shit. Actually, I dont know why anyone puts up with my shit to be honost. My sense of humour usually involves making fun of someone or something (as my gf put it, im too satyrical). It shocks me sometimes that my friends don't hit me more often. Especially my buddy Lois. I've shaved his eyebrow off so many times that it is never again going to fully grow in; well that and the fact i've called him Lois for almost a year should have ment i got my ass kicked by now. Well im off to do some work now, more email address writing. Wish me luck


Blogger Darcy said...

I went through all of the amazing trouble of setting up a blog on here, just so that I could comment on yours. What a fabulous girlfriend I am! I just wanted to correct you and say that I didn't say you were "too synical." When I said the word synical, I was merely trying to help you find they right word to describe your humor. So there! Now I have a blog. What ever shall I do with it....

10:16 PM  
Blogger Darcy said...

I hereby admit that I was wrong in my comment. I originally said 'satirical' and you quoted me correctly. Somehow in the depths of my brain, satirical turned cynical. I also spelled it wrong. Now I'm worried about my spelling on all sorts of words. I even looked up 'spelled'. I thought it might be 'spelled' or 'spelt'. Apparently you can use either or. I learned my one new thing today! Anyhow, I wanted to rectify my mistake. Done.

12:03 PM  

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