Monday, December 06, 2004

Downloading Movies/Music

I don't know if i'm just really cheap or if i just like to "steal" from the RIAA or the movie industry, but i haven't bought a single cd or dvd in months. The last DVD i bought was Steve-O: The Early Years (which is amazing and i highly recommend it if you want to learn more about the Jackass and Wildboyz star), but that is besides the point. My point here is that i download because what is being released is pure crap. The quality of film making is sup-par and on the whole, the music being released makes me start to think that Celine Dion was in fact a good musician. I long for the days that i would make sure i had tuesday afternoons off so i could pick up the newest releases.

If the music and movie industry wants me as a consumer, they have to provide something i will want to buy. I dont want to buy a cd and then feel like i got ripped off because there is only one good song on there. I dont want to come home listen to a cd once and then toss it into a pile. Where is the playback value? Maybe all the money the music and movie industries are losing will make them put less money into crap and more into quality.... Here's to hoping.

Oh and on a side note for Canadians worried about being sued for downloading movies or music... Don't be. Under current copyright laws we are untouchable. The supreme court of Canada threw out the movie and recording industries case. I have recieved two letters warning me to stop downloading but they cannot legally do anything but write a strong worded letter asking us to stop. Sort of like the UN in a way.


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