Sunday, December 05, 2004

NHL Hockey and Why It Rules...

For those that don't personally know me, i'll start by sayint that i am a die hard sports fan. I grew up playing everything i had time for, i stayed away from high school sports (because... well i was a drunk) but i played on provincial and AAA teams in 5 different sports growing up. I love all sports, i can sit and watch anything; However, I do have to say that Hockey, and in particular NHL hockey, rules. Other sports just do not compare to it. If you dont agree with me, you dont know shit. I hear people say that there is more hitting in football, that there is more scoring in basketball and more drama in baseball. I dont dispute those facts, but only hockey involves everything great about sports in general. Here is a quick top ten list for why hockey rules....

1. It is the fastest paced sport. PERIOD. Players can only stay on the ice for 1 minute a shift
max because after that much time on the ice they could probably collapse and die from

2. The Playoffs. Best of 7 Series every round makes it the toughest Championship to win.

3. You have to be tough to play it. Even the pussies in hockey are tougher then 100% of
baseball and soccer players. Hockey players play with broken legs. Bonds sat out because he
had a sore thumb.

4. It is actually difficult to score. Yeah sure goals are great but how boring are games that end
up at 104-95. There is no drama.

5. It isn't Soccer or "Look ma' i dun turnded left!" Nascar

6. The Stanley Cup, Best damn trophy out of any professional sport.

7. One word..... Mario (If you dont know who im talking about, go find a Gun and kill yourself....
and yes, he is better then Gretzkey)

8. No Steroids.

9. It's the only sport where players are proud that they dont have teeth.

10. Freedom of speech, You can still say what you want to say and not get fined. Players have
openly threatened other players and even league officials and gotten away with it.

These are just some of the reasons Hockey Rules. I find it amazing that more people dont love it. Oh wait, there are about 6 billion people on this planet that are openly retarded so it really shouldn't surprise me that much. The stupidity of the world in general is part of the reason i have to sit here and type about the sport rather then watch it. I dont want to start on that though, I'll post more about that later.


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