Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Life and Time's...

So my friends are butt-nuts. The bastards took off for Whistler today and didn't even decide to call me. Sure I worked for 9 hours, sure I couldnt have gone if I wanted to, sure i might have told them that i couldnt go already and sure my phone was off for part of the day. None of this matters though, they should have fucking tried harder, or not gone. What really pisses me off is the phone call i get at 10pm telling me how drunk they are and how much fun they are having. I am the life of the party! What the hell were they thinking when they left without me? I know, I know... they are just totally selfish.


Well over the past couple days i have watched some really incredible movies, some in my spare time and one with Darcy. I'll start with 'Hero.'

"Hero" is one of the most visually stunning epics that i have seen in a long time. Yes, i am calling it an epic for the sheer size of some of the scenes and for the magnitude of the fight sequence's (Also because i just can... get over it). The commericials for this movie might lead you to believe that it is simply a fight film, simply another Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. However, what makes this movie so incredible are the colours and environments of the film. I cannot believe that Mirimax wanted to bury this film and just let it die. I owe Quentin Tarantino this much more for bringing this masterpiece out of the ashes.

The second great movie i watched was Collateral. It is one of the first movies that was so thrilling that it litterally had me on the edge of my seat in some parts. From start to finish i wanted to watch this movie and find out what was going to happen next. I almost pissed my pants because i wanted to keep watching and thought that pausing the movie would be a bad idea. Jaimie Foxx really deserves to win some type of award for this movie too, he is brilliant.


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