Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rambling Man

This blog has become less and less a piece of my every day life over the past few months. It's a weird wave really. Up and down and up and down. Lots of posting and then none. I don't think this directly correlates to the amount of work I've been doing or how busy I have been. I think it directly correlates to how I feel about the state of my life.

If I'm going through a hard time or trying to reach out to someone, I come on here and just write. I also come on here to write if things are going perfectly fine in my life. If I want to come on here and gloat, I do. Without fail. The thing is that lately, over the past few months, my life has been stagnant.

Work, as much as I hate it, is going better than ever.

The girlfriend, as much as I still don't know if I should have one, is perfect.

Travel plans are all falling into place.

Nothing has really changed though. I haven't had anything to report besides the fact that I sat down in Yale Town today for lunch and ran into a friend I hadn't seen since highschool. I went to the sex show and had a drunk (ex) stripper try to pick me up and had a different girl talk to me about how she's a squirter whose personal record was eight feet.

What I have realized over these past few months is that, I'm never really happy staying in one place. Sure, I am happy staying at home and watching a movie. Yet, I am only truly happy when I'm in my car with a friend traveling somewhere new or somewhere old. Just as long as it's somewhere different.


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