Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Dashboard Is Melting

I don't like techno. However, I have been rocking the shit out of the semi-new Justice and SabastiAn albums as of late. I don't know what it is really. The inner hipster or the fact that I suddenly turned into a sweaty european kid. Whatever it is, they are coming here in March (the day before TV on the motherfuckin' Radio). My weekend is completely planned three months early.

I also don't like Face Book. I joined that peice of shit because everyone talks about it and people like you send nonstop emails asking me to be your "friend." Face book can blow me.

Lastly, I don't like the fact that my plan to leave town without anyone knowing is starting to collapse. Everyone seems to know now. They don't know when though, so maybe I'll just do what I do at parties and just show up for a while and then leave without warning. I do know how to make an exit.

Currently Listening To: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder

PS - I love you.


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