Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random Email

From Vietnam:

believe it or not, I think I am more jealous of you're situation, because I CANNOT get macaroni and cheese over here to save my life, and macaroni IS my life!! The best I can find is like a cheap substitute, nothing at all like Presidents Choice White Cheddar.

Also, I'm in a shitty little town waiting for a bus to take me to Hue, where the beaches and beer apparently are. Right now though, I'm wasting time in an internet cafe (I have 4 hours to go) surrounded by vietnamese children playing some form of dance dance revolution on the computer, but they're all hooked up so they can dance together!

Remember that time in winnipeg when those bastard cops took our vodka and probably took it home for themselves??? yeah, those guys were dicks. good times....



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