Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's Not For A Fuck, Or A Kiss

110 hours on my last paycheck.

At least 90 on the up coming paycheck.

To say that I have been busy as of late is an understatement. I have been working my ass off, I have been asked to help run Steve's 150'000 friend myspace page (even though I know jack shit about the internet/myspace) and I have been planning the getaway of all getaways.

I look in the mirror every morning and see a different guy. I've been trying to lay low and stay out of the social circle. I have avoided a couple of friends concerts and shows. I missed a friends movie premiere and another friends fashion show.

I still miss that one friend.

Currently Listening To: Joanna Newsom - Monkey & Bear

Why do all posts end the same way?


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