Sunday, July 09, 2006

Your Hand On My Neck

The seven hour gongshow I called work is over and, surprisingly, I'm rather uppity. Work was crazy though, that's really the only way to describe it.

Last night was crazier. My sister and her friends are complete nuts and I love them for it. I had a blast and fun was definitely had by all. However, if the way a couple of them looked this morning is any indication, I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't drink for a year.

I'm going to go work out and then shower, after which I'm heading to north van in an effort to ruin the reputation of all men this side of Russia. What am I doing you might ask? Well, I might tell you if you actually did ask, but I'm not posting it here so the cops don't have anything they can use on me down the road. Just know it's going to be fun and your not invited. Except you. And you.

Calls or Emails are appreciated.


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