Monday, July 17, 2006

You Hear From Me

I woke up today and broke 59 traffic laws to get to work on time. I know it was 59 because I counted and then laughed. It was great though, I got to work and made fun of Scotty because he was back working there, and then cried because I was working there. I might be menopausal.

Cat Power is singing "Love & Communication" right now.

Devendra Banhart is coming on next.

One Year Ago tomorrow I unknowingly embarked on one of the biggest misadventures ever. I know because my blog told me. I think it was that weekend that I lost my mind.

I was thinking today about fucked up breakups. It's funny. I've never really been in a "fucked up" breakup sorta situaiton. I've been dumped and I've dumped. But all of them have been pretty standard. I mean standard in the sense that we've sat and talked about it, or not talked about it, but known that it was over. There haven't been emails or text messages or never talking to them again or murder plots or unwanted pregnancy and abandoments. It's been pretty boring and I've now decided that if I'm ever stupid enough to get into a relationship in the first place and it ends up going sour, I'm going to go out in style. Maybe I'll break up with someone over speakers corner. Maybe I'll take out an ad in the paper and then cut it out and paste it in a card and then give it to her mom. Maybe I'll buy her a cat and shave "We're done. Bitch" into it's back. Maybe I'll stop rambling now.

Write me an intersting email. That or call and pretend you care.


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