Saturday, July 22, 2006

We Used To Be Friends

Last night I ended up drunk for the first time in a month and a half. I really do mean "ended up" drunk, because it sure didn't happen on purpose and is still sort of a surprise to me.

It's pretty weird to talk about not drinking, because of how much my life was centered around alcohol for years, but now it seems even more weird to talk about drinking. Not that I don't still tell stories about getting drunk, sleeping with models and taming Unicorns, but the context is always in the past tense and seems part of a different life. Well, except for the sleeping with models and taming Unicorns part. That's my Tuesday.

Last night also reminded me of why I'm not drinking anymore. I didn't like myself and actually left the last party I was at for about an hour or so. I was going to take off completely, but was stuck out somewhere in West Van and I didn't want to leave the person I came with, so I just chilled out and talked to a couple of people on the phone until I came down enough to relax. It was kind of funny, I mean, I usually love myself when I'm drunk and it's other people who don't like me. I guess maybe I was just so upset at the fact that I was drunk in the first place.

Oh and to the person who picked me up, took me to the party and then gave me a place to stay. Thank you and I love you.

PS - The Decemberists are coming on November 18th. We're going.


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