Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Chose Horses

I just sat by the phone all day today. Sitting and waiting for a friend and a phone call that never came. Every time the phone rang I hopped up with the joy of a kid on Christmas morning, only to look at the caller ID and be let down like I found out my girlfriend was pregnant or, worse, I liked Coldplay.

Now, I hope you feel guilty. Sitting wondering if I'm talking about you. Or you. No, not you... You.

In all honesty, today was great and the above line is a joke. I went out for an amazing seaside lunch and walk. I made pretty damn good money and 4 girls gave me their number at work tonight. Below par, but still somewhat flattering. I say "somewhat flattering" because I expect all girls to ask for my number.

Oh, on a completely different note, I woke up today to a young Spanish man sitting on the ledge outside my window. I'm on the fifth floor. I know he was Spanish because he was yelling in Spanish down to someone on the street and said, "hey, I'm Spanish." I hope he was talking about the fact that he was stuck on the ledge outside the room of a man sleeping naked.

I'm listening to Art Brut.

I also just found out that I can cross off Playboy Playmate off my list. Yes, it happened a few years ago, but it doesnt change the fact that shes now a playmate.



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