Monday, June 05, 2006

Review It Like It's Hot

So this morning I was pumped to sit down and write a proper review of the Bright Eyes show from last night. The single greatest review of all time, one that would make people look at other reviews in the same light people look at Paris Hilton. I'm not saying the other reviews have herpes or The Clap, but I am saying people would realize how bad they suck. And by the way, I am saying the other reviews have herpes and The Clap. Be careful.

Now citizen, you may be asking yourself, "why are you telling me you WERE going to write that review? Why don't you write it now?

Answer to question one: Go fuck yourself.

Answer to question two: Play in traffic.

You see, I came on here this morning and Blogger was all sorts of fucked up. It wouldn't let me write my review, so now I'm kinda pissed at blogger and I'm not going to put out. No review for you. What I will do for the kind people who read this thing is give a short point form overview of my thoughts. That's all you're getting.

Best Song - Without a doubt, "Lover I Don't Have To Love." It was slightly changed from the record version and had a simply amazing Trumpet solo at the end. It also had the loudest and warmest crowd reaction of the night. Runner up: A tie between "Poison Oak" and "First Day Of My Life." Both were unreal.

Low Point - I wouldn't say that there was a low point during the Bright Eyes set, but the fact that they didn't play "Lua" or "I Believe In Symmetry" left me slightly disappointed. The Gruff Rhys dead battery problem could be considered a low point, but he played it off rather well and it added some humor to his set.

The Crowd - I don't know what I expected going in, but it sure wasn't that I'd end up in a My Chemical Romance video. I wonder if 90% of the people there go to get their hair cut by the same blind guy with scissors behind the 7/11 on Abbot street? The guy who jumped on stage after the band left before coming back for the encore and said "So this is what this is like!" into the mic wins the fan of the night award.

Surprise of the Night - Gruff Rhys. I loved the Super Furry Animals, but didn't really dig too much of his solo material that I'd heard. Live, he came across as one of the more personable and funny artists I'd seen in a long time. I had a chance to talk to him for a minute at the end of the concert and he seemed even more down to earth off stage.


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