Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Link On The Run

  • The post about the past two days is coming you needy sons-of-bitches. I'm a busy motherfucker, but I've started writing it. I just have to find the cord to hook my camera up to the computer and then I'll get it up here. Fuck.
  • I'm officially sure that there are only two places I'd rather be than Vancouver in the summer time. Today was a great change of gears for me. Of course by "change of gears," I mean that I did the exact same thing I've been doing for over a week or so.
  • Courtesy of Drawn Together: The most blatant/hilarious racism on television this side of Dave Chappelle. Video
  • Drawn Together does it again by providing the most blatant sexual reference possibly ever seen on animated television. Video
  • Embryos. I'm not touching this one. Not a chance.
  • Can't see anyone regretting THIS tattoo.
  • The two places I'd rather be: The Sunday night Cock Fights in Tijuana and in a locked room with Chris Martin for five minutes.
  • I'm home early tonight because I start my new job tomorrow. Yes, it's about 11 and some people consider that late, thanks grandma, but I have a hard enough time sleeping anyways and figured it couldn't hurt to come home early and try to fall asleep. Call me or email me.


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