Friday, June 02, 2006

Late Night Filler

Fact: It's 1:50 am.

Fact: I am tired and I can't sleep.

Fact: I have had approximately 12 hours of total sleep in the past 7 days.

Fact: I think I'm delirious. Not "haha" Eddie Murphy delirious, but "hey look at Jim Morrison walking with a naked Indian in the desert" delirious.

Fact: Wayne's World is awesome.

Fact: I have two softball games tomorrow.

Fact: I know I shouldn't have admitted that.

Fact: At the moment I have 20 of 100 msn contacts blocked.

Fact: I'm going to be in Edmonton from the 9th-12th.

Fact: I know one of you is up right now and as bored as I am.

Fact: That one person should call me.

Lie: I actually intend to write something worthwhile tomorrow.


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