Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Blueprint

So as I was sifting through the few pictures I have from Sasquatch (my free/found $900 camera got killed amidst the hail and rain), I came to a brilliant realization. I'm so proud of myself I could do me right now. What did I figure out? The epiphany is three fold:

1. I love music

2. I love traveling

3. I love me

Since I love music and traveling, I figure the best way to make "me" happy is to go on a spiritual journey next summer. From this day fourth it is my goal to attend the three or four MAJOR music festivals in North America.. Coachella, Sasquatch and Bonnaroo. That's Indio, George and Manchester. California, Washington and Tennessee. Desert, Gorge, and Hickville.

The possible fourth festival is Lollapalooza which no longer travels and is held in Chicago. This is only a possibility because, well, it's still over a year away and they don't even hold it every year. That or SXSW, which is a 10 day music/film feast in Texas. It's ridiculous, but would also entail buying tickets for a lot of different shows and venues rather than one festival. Blah.

Anyways, they are all held within two months of each other and I figure it would make for one hell of a trip. Whether I do this as one long road trip or as a bunch of mini trips spaced apart is still up in the air. Fuck, it's still a year away, get off my nuts.

Either way, this is going down and I'm more than willing to invite anyone who wants in for one or more. I'm a people person.

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