Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shine A Light

Lately my writing has been brief and schizophrenic. Writing from different parts of myself and about any and everything. All of this done without an actual purpose to my writing beyond just writing to write. To kill time doing something I like to do. Yet, I sit here thinking about a million and one things and wanting to write about a million and two.

Should I write a post reaching out to that special someone? Should I write something explaining why I've made certain decisions? Why I haven't made certain decisions? Should I write a love letter to the wonderful weather that has been following me around from Vancouver to Calgary and from Whistler to Seattle? Should I let you know not to worry, that everything will be okay? That I still want to be with you? That I still don't want to see you? That I miss you?

I want to sit and tell all of you everything. I want to sit here and tell you that I got into a car accident yesterday. No, it wasn't my fault, but my wrist and neck are fuckedededed. I want to tell you that I hopefully have a new job that will mean more money. I want to tell you that I have a boner right now thinking about the Bright Eyes concert coming up. I want to tell you that I came already thinking about Sasquatch.

What I will tell you for sure is that I'm going to try and update at least daily. As long as I find myself in front of a computer I will update this thing. Be it a picture or an essay, expect something. Word.


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