Thursday, May 18, 2006

Random IMing

Megan says - So are you going to return my phone call or what?

Behold says - Why? We're talking righ now!

Behold says - YOu want to do both at the same time?

Megan says - No. I've just called you like 4 times without you calling back

Behold says - I want to do both at the same time

Behold says - PICK UP YOUR PHONE!

Megan says - I don't want to talk on the phone now...

Megan says - I just thought you were avoiding me

Megan says - just call me back sometime

Behold says - I just called you back!

Behold says - Make up your mind woman

Behold says - Are you pms-ing

Behold says - wait. I don't want to know that

Behold says - just go eat a tub of ice cream, throw on your tegan and sarah cd, cry your self to sleep and call me in 5 days.


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