Thursday, May 18, 2006

One Year Ago Today...

Duality Vs Advaita

"Wa men kulli shayen khalqna zawgyne la'alakum tadhkaroon."

In english: "And all things have We created in pairs in order that you may reflect on it."

Reflection and duality have seemingly been such a large part of my life lately, so when I read these words I was stopped cold. I stopped and tried to understand the implications or true meaning behind these words and racked my brain long and hard without any real answer coming to mind. Maybe I've been away from school to long. Anyways, it was after maybe an hour of reading and reflecting that my mind turned to a friends discussion of "The Flip Flop Extreme Theory."

To quickly summarize what I remember about the theory, it revolves around the idea that you can only have one perspective at a time and therefore you cannot fully put yourself or your mind into more than one feeling at a given moment. Thus, our lives are filled by constantly jumping from one extreme to another, or flip flopping back and forth (correct me if I'm getting this wrong). Which is basically the theory of advaita, or "non-duality."

The idea behind duality is that everything is polaric. Everything is interrelated and connected, because without one there cannot be the other. Like hate and love for example, if you did not know or experience love, it would be impossible to understand or experience hate. Like anything that can be experienced or thought, they just cannot exist independently.

So what does all this mean? If thoughts and feelings cannot exist independently, why can you only focus on one at a time? Are you really just focusing on one at a time or are you focusing on the two opposites? Have I truly gone insane? These are the questions that I've started to ask myself and I think these are the questions that I'll end up killing myself over. I've started writing about my thoughts in greater detail and will post them at a later date. Same blog time... Same blog channel.


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