Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Come Pick Me Up


I'm going to let you all in on a secret. It's huge. It's the incredibly new concept called "creative license." It's crazy. I mean, you take moods, feelings or events and then exaggerate them to fit what your trying to write or you leave things out completely as to avoid conflict or boredom. It's fun.

Now with that said, I take creative license in about 50% of my posts on here. What's the reason? Well, I have about 40 visits a day to this thing. Nothing substantial at all, but the problem is that through the counter on the right, I only have an educated guess as to who those 40 visits are. I don't want to write something and hurt someone I care about, but I don't want to write and worry about who is reading it. I'm just stuck in the middle. Hence the tag line for the blog, "I'm probably making this up." That way I can write whatever I want and hopefully people don't take it seriously, so when I do write something heartfelt they'll think I'm just making it up.

Read it. Learn it. Love it.


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