Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I used to love to wake up and sleep all day. It was like a sport that I was best at. Wake up. Sleep. Going for gold. Today ai trie d to go for it. I failed.

I came home from Calgary and all I got you was this lousy cold. Sure, I had a blast. Yes, I drank more than is humanly possible in a four day period and I'm seeking help. Yes I went to more paries than I should have, met more people than is necessary and... well I can't can't go into it. Yet all I have to show for it is a cough and these scratches on my ass and bakc. Women are demanding.

May 26-29th Im going to Sasquatch. The music festival. I'm going because there are more bands there then I wanted to see at Coachella. Not that I'm bitter I got sold out and lost a friend. BUT I'm bitter that I got sold out and lost a friend. I guess we are sorta talking again and I guess we will more than likely patch things up. I also guess that it was more than likly my fault that thinsg wrked out the way theyy did in the first place. But this is a friend who Im starting to think I won't get over. I'm making it up by going to a better festival. Word.

How drunk am I right now. I'd like to thank Emma for this one. Fuck slpell check.

PS - I want to thank Tony Pierce for the birthday shout out the other day. Dude is the best blogger in the universe and I'm shocked I didn't mention it earlier.


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