Monday, March 13, 2006

Seven Swans

I'm not at home right this moment, so this is going to be shorter than usual. I'm going home in about 5 minutes, but I just felt compelled to write about this, here and now. Bare with me.

I do my best to do things that make myself and the people I love happy. In doing this, I've made about a million mistakes. I've hurt people and I've moved on without a care in a world. Now, in doing this, I've had a long standing personal rule to never regret anything. Well, no, that's a lie. I've had a long standing belief that regrets are not a bad thing. I truly believe that you've never really lived unless you have regrets. I mean, the only way that you can live life without ever regreting something is if you live in a bubble and don't take any chances.

I don't expect people to really grasp the meaning behind what I'm talking about here and fully expect questions to be asked.

I have work early, but call me. I want to talk.


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