Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wave Of Mutilation

I was going to come on here and write this big, ambitious and happy article. I mean, personally, I'm doing wonderful. Yet, here I sit solemnly. Somber and tired. Water sitting in front of me and the opening instrumental to The Cure's "Homesick" flowing slowly in the background.

I got up rather early, so I could fit a workout and few other activities into my day before the Canada/Russia Olympic Hockey game. 11:30 am and I was all hyped up and ready to go. Then we lost and it was as if the air was sucked out of my sails. I have to admit that we didn't deserve to win, for a second, but the fact that we didn't win still makes me want to punch infants. Not that I never stopped wanting to punch infants, but you get the point.

You scare me.


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