Sunday, December 18, 2005

Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...

Time has just been flying by lately. I feel as though every time I blink another day is in the rear view mirror. Lost. Listening to a song about Sodom, South Georgia, warming myself up with a cup of mint tea. Waiting. Just waiting for the time to fly by and the evening to come. It's dark now, but it's not yet night, so I'm going to be here for another few hours without anything to do but sit, write and listen.

In the blur since my last meaningful post I've hardly had this time to just sit, write and listen. Being pulled from all sides, going here, there and everywhere in between. From restaurants in Yale Town to bars on Hastings and from malls surrounded by busy shoppers to a house surrounded by drug addicts. It's been ridiculous, tiring and above all, informative. I've learnt a lot about people.

I guess one thing you could say is, people like to talk. Another thing you could say is, people like to talk about people behind their backs. More specifically, you could say that some people like to talk about me, behind my back. I'm flattered.

What do you do when you've learnt things you might not want to learn? You've seen something you don't want to see? Feel something you don't want to feel? Myself, well I've had a very successful time of bottling things up and for the most part keeping my mouth shut. I have a strict policy of avoiding other peoples drama. The policy is like a strip club, no touching. Except of course if they say it's okay, then you go to town.

So what was said? Well, apparently I'm a "Man-whore" (see, Slut). Writing that sentence makes me feel like I'm in high school all over again. Now normally, like I said before, I'd just laugh it off and go about my day without giving it a second thought. No need to get involved in the drama. Why does this bother me then? Circumstances, it's all about circumstances. I've been told by three people now that they were told this by a person, and it was all said in an attempt to keep them from getting involved with me. One of whom knows how I feel. Well at least she used to.

I guess, I just feel compelled to defend myself. The accusation is completely baseless and directly attacks my character. When I'm with someone I'm WITH that person. No tricks, no games. I'm up front and completely honest. As Tony Montana said, "All I have in this world are my balls and my word." In this case, that's true both literally and figuratively.


Blogger Marnsickle said...

I like that quote. My girlfriends and me always use "Man-Whore" you fit any of this criteria though...

(a) take random chicks home from the bar on a regular basis?
(b) juggles three or more women at any time?
(c) refuse to get "tied" down?

Well that is how we classify that, so I dunno I guess if you fit that or a couple of them you are a Man Whore...this really has no purpose I am bored. Night.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

To be completely honost, the first two don't apply to me. That goes along with the "when I'm with someone I'm WITH that person" comment. Lately, I've been refusing to get tied down though.

I'll just say again that I'm over the situation. I said my peice and that's that, I'm not stressing.

2:51 PM  

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