Thursday, December 01, 2005

Around My Way

I couldn't be bothered in the least to write up a normal and cohesive post today, so I'm going to half ass it.

  • Brandon + Alborz + Myself = Trouble. Seriously, you can not take us anywhere. Last night we had a couple drinks while watching the Canucks game downtown and then, afterwards, went out in search of food. At the restaurant we were loud, we were THOSE people. The people who from the very second they walk in the door, you just know are going to be a disruption. We weren't as worked up as we can get, but our talks of politics, sex and sports could be heard from every corner of the restaurant.

  • Speaking of politics, I'm not sure that the upcoming election is the best thing for Canada. Seriously, we are just going to end up with another minority government and if the Conservative Party (Stephen Harper) wins, we are going to be in more shit than we are now. Not to mention that we will most likely just have another minority government and the threat of another election looming over our heads.

  • 1 (310) 717-1919 = Tom Green's actual cell phone number. Yes, that Tom Green. He apparently wants people to call him and posted this up on the net last week, so if your into that sort of thing give him a shout.

I'm getting the hell out of this place. Tomorrow, I'm off to Bowen Island for a weekend of drinking and debauchery. I don't know exactly when I'm leaving and still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to come back Saturday or Sunday (most likely Sunday), but I'll try to get something up before I go.


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