Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Under Pressure

Wayne Gretzkey. Mario Lemiuex. Michael Jordan. Larry Bird. Joe Montana. Brett Favre. Your every day bar room Wing Man.

All are great men who work well and strive under pressure. They may go through their slumps or ups and downs, like any mere-mortal, but when the game's on the line they are at their prime. When the clock is ticking down to zero, they are better at what they do than any other person on the planet. Where there is nothing but coal all around them, they turn into diamonds.

I for one, cannot work without pressure. Stick me in a locked room with nothing but a pad of paper, books, an outline and two weeks to do a project or I'll die and it still won't be done until you open the door on the last day to kill me. My brain simply doesn't function on an academic level without the pressure of knowing it absolutely must be done by tomorrow morning or I'll fail. If it takes 12 straight hours of work to finish, I'll start with 13 hours until the class starts.

Is it that I'm lazy? Is it that I like a challenge? Is it that I would rather be out doing a million different things with my time? To tell you the truth, I couldn't tell you if I wanted. I'm too busy looking for challenges and other things to do with my time. All I'm certain of is that I've been this way as long as my teachers have been going to strip clubs on school nights. Thats along time.


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