Thursday, November 03, 2005

Slightly Bored, Seriously Confused

Time for another random & rambling post. I have no intention for this to make sense, so take this as seriously as you'd take a Rob Schneider film. I'll just say I like free booze as much as I like midgets. That's a lot.

  • Two weeks ago, I found myself heading to Squamish at about 3:30am for an impromptu camping trip. Don't let drunk people decide to go camping at 3:30 in the morning. Ever. Even if you have a sober driver, it's a bad idea. I reiterate, shit is bound to happen. Hangover = wonderful. 11 am call to towing company, due to broken axle = Priceless.

  • If anyone asks you what your doing Monday, ask why before saying "nothing important." Next thing you know you're suckered into moving two people out of one apartment and into another. Hell, at least I get a bottle of Jack out of it.

  • If you fall behind in your readings for school, reading a 300 page novel in one sitting doesn't help. Especially the next day, when you sit down to write a quiz and its almost as if you didn't even open the book at all.

  • The President of Iran is the most unintentionally funny man on the planet. Yes, W. is hilarious, but he cannot compete with that Jew bashing bastard from Iran.

  • When did The Bourbon change into "The Hillbilly Pub?" I know it might be, somewhat, fitting; but why change a landmark?

  • Gambling is addicting. Sports gambling is worse. I won $100 last week and $90 yesterday on Sports Action. I've only bet twice so far and sit about $150 ahead of the house, but I can see this leading down a very dark and dangerous road. I mean, every day I wake up and look at the days games thinking which team is going to win, what are the odds and should I go put some money down. If your already a sports fan, I highly suggest avoiding sports betting.

  • Ever want to tell someone you care about that a situation they are in is just stupid. Retarded. Fucking idiotic. Maybe you want to grab them by the shoulders and just shake them until they see that they are getting cheated on, mistreated and laughed at.... No? Oh, okay. Do what I do, stop calling them and just forget all about it.

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interesting blog. I like your halloween pic, and your thoughts on "sweetest day".

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