Friday, November 11, 2005

The Night Descending

9:29pm and I'm sitting down at the computer for the first time today. Satisfied. The Canucks won, in "convincing fashion," for the first time in four games. I take my first breath in what could have been years. My heart slows down, my eyes clear. Looking to my left, you'd think it was the Lions Gate Bridge during rush hour, on a Friday, before a holiday. A seemingly endless train of flags, flesh, lights, metal and rubber.

Through the noise, I'm sitting here relaxing. Just sipping a cup of coffee. Steam fills the air, while Baileys and Amarula replace milk and sugar. I can never drink a Baileys and coffee without thinking of an old friend. I don't know why that is. Maybe it was the offer of one every time I was at the Nelson household. Maybe it's because her dog's name is Bailey. What has it been now? A year? Two? Whatever it is, I'm stuck here reminiscing and thinking that instead of looking to my left at the sea of metal, I should look to my right and pick up the phone.

It's funny how you never know you're losing touch with someone, until you've already lost touch and you're suddenly different people in different lives. Even when you can sense or see the separation happening, it can be hard to stop it. There you are, stuck sitting in a chair, drinking coffee/baileys while looking out the window at traffic, instead of picking up the phone and saying 'hey.'


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