Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I don't know what it is about summer vacation that makes you forget everything about schools. Whether you love them or hate them, take 4 months off and you'll forget every bit of it, right down to how it feels to take notes or sit in one place for a couple hours.

Within 15 minutes, every last bit of what I hate about schools came rushing back to me. Don't get me wrong here, I love everything you are supposed to learn in schools. I love reading, learning new material and I am immensely interested in world issues. However, when you stick a 65 year old woman who should be knitting or playing with her 18 cats in front of a room of 20-somethings and tell her to teach them about things at a University level... Hilarity ensues.

The "professor" must be the very definition of loopy. She spent an hour and fifteen minutes going over the syllabus, then had us go into groups to discuss any problems or things we didn't understand. Now, I understand that some people might not get what a syllabus is about. I understand that some people might have issues with wording or questions about due dates, but don't tell me that after an hour and fifteen minutes that anyone in the world could have questions about that thing. I could have gotten the point across to a Ethiopian immigrant that doesn't speak a word of english inside of 30 minutes. I'm there to learn, not to spend 10 minutes talking about how many percent make up an 'A' or 20 minutes talking about how plagiarism is bad... mmmkay. The whole thing could have been really funny, if I didn't think that she was starting to develop a severe case of Alzheimer's.

I guess I've just had so many good and interesting Prof's over the past couple years that I've taken it for granted. I forgot that there are a great many that should have had their teaching liscences taken away years ago. The course material does seem interesting enough and I'm sure I will enjoy reading it and learning it at home, but to say I would rather be locked in a room with the guards from Abu Ghraib than be stuck in a room listening to this mindnumbingly boring excuse of a teacher is an understatement.

Is that wrong?


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