Monday, July 25, 2005

Mental Vomit

After months of having no inner monologue, months of not listening to what my mind and body have been telling me, I finally think I'm nearing a breaking point. I've been doing so much that I have barely had a moment to sit and reflect on what exactly has been going on and how it has been affecting me physically and mentally. This has been one of the main reasons for the lack of updating this blog or maybe just updating with any sense of purpose. I've just been so caught up in wanting to be around certain people and wanting to spend as much time doing the things that make me happy. I almost lost sight of how completely amazing it is to curl up and read, write or watch a good film. I am exhausted.

I have started to write "Geoff and Jennine's Great Misadventure," but I have barely been home to finish it. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I'll be relaxed and rejuvenated enough to start thinking straight.

Merry Christmas


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