Monday, May 09, 2005

Let The Sunshine In

I find it kind of ironic that on a day that saw absolutely no sun, a day in which the sky was filled with nothing but differing shades of grey, I had this great sun filled adventure.

I woke up feeling somewhat down. I cannot explain it, but I was feeling dizzy and light headed. I decided that maybe it was all of the toxins that fill the air at my fathers apartment and so I got dressed and went for a walk. I left around 12 or so and figured I'd do the usual jaunt around the False Creek sea wall. 20 minutes or so later, I found myself sitting in Bojangles Cafe in Yaletown having a conversation with a 60 year old mother of 3. She was in town from London for a wedding and just happened to be one of the most pleasant people I have ever met. I didn't say an awful lot during the conversation, instead I just listened to a number of fascinating stories. It was a completely random meeting, but one that put a huge smile on my face and I was sad to end the conversation so early.

After finishing my drink and heading on my way, I walked up to Granville Street and continued down to Robson. I meandered my way through the crowd of mid day shoppers before planting myself on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. I sat and watched as the entire city walked by, going about whatever it is they were going about. After sitting for a while, I awoke from my inner monologue (see daze) and started to imagine who these people walking by were and what they were doing. I created these vast imaginary lives for the people and even gave a lot of them names. It was fun and provided me with a good laugh.

Pretty soon it was 4:30 and I decide that I might want to start heading back home. I walked around to the front of the art gallery and headed down Georgia street in the direction of Granville. I stopped and watched a group of people playing hackey sack and the bongos before continuing on my way. The rest of the way I just slowly made my way through the people and streets of Vancouver. I just took everything in and cleared my mind of any and all stress in my life. When I finally came home and opened the door to the apartment, I had spent the better part of 6 hours really opening my eyes to my surroundings. When I sat down at the computer I felt, almost, complete. It was a good day.


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