Tuesday, April 26, 2005


That is the best description of me right now. My past few days have been filled with nothing but random activities and spur of the moment decisions that have involved little thought or planning.

I woke up Sunday afternoon with a pretty mean hangover (a story that I'll go into in my next post) and an even worse feeling that I might have done something horribly wrong the night before. After a couple phone calls and everyone's reassurance that I had done nothing wrong, I went about sitting on my ass trying to rehydrate myself. At about 4pm I was shocked to see a couple of my friends at my door in a truck filled with beer and no information except "come with us... you don't need anything." Within 30 minutes we are at the US border having the truck searched by US customs, only to be let through with really no major problems. 2 hours later we are at some house party in Seattle and no idea who any of the people around us are. After a long night, no sleep and a brilliant idea to drive home at 6 in the morning, I found myself back in the comfort of my bed.

Monday afternoon I wake up to the sounds of a car crash outside my window. I roll over get up and spend a portion of the day doing work for my dad. At 6 with the idea that I'm going to do nothing but sit and watch a movie, I decide that I'd go to my friends apartment and watch the movie there. About half way through the movie I find myself walking out the door and hoping in a car to go to Whistler. We get to whistler go to a pub have a pitcher, go to to another restaurant for some food and more beer and then hop in the car and come home. We get to North Van around 1:45am and then realize that we are hungry again. 15 minutes later I found myself in the Knight & Day off of boundary road in Burnaby.

I don't know what country or city I'm going to end up in tonight, but I'm heading out with a toothbrush this time.


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