Friday, April 29, 2005


Days like today sometimes make me wonder why I got out of the comfort of my bed. I know I have alluded to the "Beautiful Struggle" and the overly used cliches, but right now I'm just sitting here still mad at the day.

I guess it started last night, I had one of the sleepless nights. It wasn't because I was in Seattle, but because I have just been going to bed at so many different times that my body doesn't quite have any rythem to it right now. I woke up every hour on the hour until about 6, at which point I got 3 solid hours of sleep before getting up. When I got up the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It was hot already and I had high hopes for the rest of the day. The plan: Work out, go for lunch with Keller and Gaye, play hockey with the guys until 6 and then wait and go to our friends concert.

I went to the gym that I used to work at and ran into new people who think that they run the joint. I was refused entry because I didn't have my card with me and told that I would not be allowed back in without it. While fuming in the car on the way home I got a call and was told that Gaye wouldn't be able to make it to lunch because she had to pack and that Keller was still sleeping. Good start.

2 o'clock rolls around and I have just finished my lunch. At home. I have called my buddies and each and phone call ended with the words "leave a message after the beep." I think thats fine and remind myself that I still have four hours to play hockey.

3 o'clock: First call back. It's Lunchbox and he has just woken up. He say's that he needs to eat and get ready, but he will meet me at the hockey box with the rest of the guys by 4 at the latest. Sounds good to me. My only worry is that we won't have a goalie. I sit in the sun and wait until I have to leave.

4:30 and no sign of anyone. I leave.

5:00 I get a phone call asking me where I am and told that they are all now at the hockey box and sorry that they are late, but now there are lacross players playing so our game is off. I respond with a combination of obsenities I don't think I have used before. After telling them how I feel about whats going on, I agree to meet them at my buddies apartment around 7.

7 o'clock and I'm ringing the buzzer at an apartment building on 17th and Londsdale. I go up and have a few drinks and a good laugh. We carried on without a worry in the world. We talked and joked for a couple of hours as if we were kids sitting on a field during lunch on the last day of school. I feel good again.

9:45 : Now kinda tipsy, not drunk. We get a phone call saying to come down the hill now, because we already missed one of our friends sets. I hope in a car and my buddy drives us the 15 blocks to the bar. We get there and almost immedietly run into problems. My friend is the head bouncer there and usually just lets me in, but because tonight was "special" he decided to make me pay. Two of my friends are playing tonight so I decide that I don't have a problem paying, but the problem is I don't have cash. I run down the street to an ATM and run back up the hill to the bar and find that my buddy doesn't have ID on him. Fuck. I decide that I'll be a good friend and forsake the bar and the concert to go get some grub.

10:20 we get to Boston Pizza. We order some drinks and a couple appies and sit down. After a 15 minute wait (yes I said 15 minutes) I see the waitress comming back with our drinks. As I'm watching her I notice that she is kind of struggling with the drink tray. As if in slow motion I sit and watch as she struggles and struggles and finally drops all 4 drinks onto my face, chest, arms and lap. Oh, I'm happy again. She apologizes and apologizes. I'm not mad at her. I kind of half expected something to go wrong. I'm just pissed when 45 minutes later I'm paying for my food with damp money, that I pulled out of my soaking wet pockets.

After this debacle, I just decided to come home. I was fed up. I came home and fully expected to write about my birthday. Actualy I DID write about it. I spent the better part of an hour writing it all up and when I went to spell check it, the page refreshed and I lost everything. It was the cherry on top. You see, nothing majorly went wrong, it was just one of those days where almost everything little did. Those of you that know me, know that being stood up or having plans cancelled at the last minute for no reason are one of my biggest pet peeves. The other problems like the sleep and the drink spilling are just things that compound and end up frustrating me. I know I'll wake up tomorrow and have a brilliant day, but for now I sit here wanting the day to end.


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that sounds like a shit day! i'm sorry to read that. i hope today turned out better for ya, even though it rained!

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